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The Hook to Make 'Em Look

Premier Platform developed by CoinMD independent distributor

$84.00 / year and a $2,615.00 One-Time Customization Set Up


Personalized Website
Opportunity Video
Product Testimonial Video
Video Download
Page Rotator
Worldwide Promotion
Badass Social
V2Boost Setup



The Badass Video System is a marketing tool for sales teams who crave originality, engagement, more sales, and marketing exclusivity.

Your Badass Video system is customized for you and your team to engage your prospects by making you and your business, simply irresistible.

Badass Videos solidly addresses consumer’s lack of enthusiasm by connecting with their emotions and sense of reasoning. That’s what they want from you. That’s why they buy. And, why they don’t buy.


Badass Social and V2Boost

CoinMD Independent distributor leadership has included the Badass Social Media and V2Boost set up in their Badass Video System.

Badass Social provides you with 6 socially sharable videos that you can weave in through your regular social updates. You’ll get 3 testimonial videos that are completely sharable at around 30 seconds each and a 1-minute opportunity video and 1 product video. One of the great things about marketing on social media is you get instant gratification. People can contact you right through your inbox to get more information. Plus, you’re Badass Social videos will be customized with your social media handles making sharing a breeze.

V2Boost Setup takes your Badass Videos to a whole new level of OMG! The setup includes hooking your Badass Video System to V2Boost. V2boost is a fully loaded online marketing and prospecting system that has so many features, we had to create an entire site around it! From autoresponders to pre built email messages, Text messaging, iCall blazer, a discounted lead store, lead capture pages and so much more. Go ahead and take a look for yourself at everything V2Boost offers. 

Your customized Premier Platform Pages are also added to the V2Boost option.


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