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Questions About Your Badass Video
Being different is better than being "better". But, being different isn't as easy as you may think. However, the time you put into your answers will be rewarded with viewers that "get" your message and are genuinely interested in hearing or seeing more information. At the same time, your message won't resonate with people who wouldn't be great team members. You don't want them anyway. Turn-on the best, turn-off the rest.
Names of non-network marketing companies like your opportunity: (List as many as possible) *
•Travel Network Marketing Company: Travelocity, XYZ Travel, Time Share Company •Skincare or Beauty Network Marketing Company: Sephora, Dermstore, Nordstrom’s •Health Supplements Network Marketing Company: Swanson, GNC, Walmart, Natural Grocers,Whole Foods
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(ex:parents,teachers,Realtor's,30-40 year olds, etc. Be Specific)
*How will using your products make thier lives better:
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